Our Technology

CoverageCo is a subsidiary of Vanu, Inc. We are using the latest generation of Vanu products, the CompactRAN. The CompactRAN is a complete cellular base station in a sealed all-weather outdoor enclosure the size of a ream of paper. It is energy efficient and capable of supporting both CDMA and GSM technologies at the same time, using software defined radios and Internet Protocol. It is software upgradeable to future technologies, and it can use an Internet connection for backhaul to our core network.

Our Approach

The greatest challenge to providing coverage in rural areas is an economic one. The advantages that the CompactRAN offers allow us to enter markets that have previously been unserved by cellular carriers. Our typical deployment strategy is to mount the CompactRAN on utility poles along the roadways, providing coverage where it's needed. We offer our services to existing cellular carriers through roaming agreements, allowing their subscribers to roam onto our network with their existing handsets. Any applicable roaming charges are handled by the subscriber's existing cellular carrier.

Our Coverage

CoverageCo is beginning its first deployment in the Summer of 2012 in the State of Vermont. We anticipate commercial service to begin towards the end of the year. We are exploring other geographic areas for future expansion, in conjunction with state agencies, rural telephone providers, and national carriers.