Where is the Coverage?

CoverageCo focuses on providing service to commuters along rural state highways. The CoverageCo radio locations can found on the map below. Solid coverage is received within a half mile radius of one of our installations. You will know you are using the CoverageCo network because your phone will indicate the carrier as “extension”. The radios transmit along the line of site from the device so in some cases the signal will go further, particularly to elevated locations.

Why doesn't my phone work?

To date CoverageCo locations provide complete service to T-Mobile, US Cellular and Sprint customers and voice service to Verizon customers. To date, AT&T has chosen not to allow their customers to use the CoverageCo service at all and Verizon does not allow for data services. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like TracFone, Republic, AARP, etc. cannot utilize the CoverageCo network due to their discount arrangements with their host carriers.

If you are near one of the CoverageCo radios and are using one of the participating carriers, and still can’t get service, check to see if there is a micro-cell nearby. These can sometimes interfere with the CoverageCo network. In some communities, unplugging the micro-cell at the library leads to much better service.

Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@coverageco.com